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Weakening magnetic pull

  1. Feb 7, 2014 #1
    I have a question regarding magnetic pull. Is there anyway that a magnet can be attracted to its optimal pull to another magnet and then weakened for separation in any way? So basically I'm wanting to know how to weaken the magnetic attraction force once the magnets have attracted (without temperature change or without attraction to a stronger magnet or without any other chemicals). Could the shape be an influence?
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    could the speed of the pull be an infuence? I mean if I yank it instead of slowly pull it would that matter (if the forces were the same). Any ideas?
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    You can redirect the magnetic field lines by insertion of a material with high magnetic permeability, and of suitable shape.

    This will take mechanical energy to accomplish ... approximately the same as required to separate the magnets directly.

    Alternatively, you can use electromagnetics and simply reduce the current.
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    I need it to be weaker. Basically what I'm trying to accomplish is:
    Magnet A is attracted to magnet B
    I get Magnet C to attract to Magnet B, therefore moving it away from magnet A (magnet C has a higher magnetic field/attraction than Magnet A hence, the pull away)
    Now, I want Magnet C to pull away from Magnet B. To do this I have the same pull/attraction power Magnet A would've had to Magnet B (pull power = Magnet C moving horizontally) and gravity. Could I get anything shape/speed etc using the same amount of force to move this away or would it be a case of equalisation.

    Does the above make sense lol.
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