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Weaknesses of Fock-Darwin model

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    Hi All

    I try to analyse the data of quantum dot photoluminescence in the presence of magnetic field. I have a few questions in my mind:

    1. What is the weakness of Fock-Darwin (FD) model? Seems to me is fine because the result from the experiment shows the criss-cross pattern.
    2. What is the original equation of energy eigenvalues in FD model?
    3. Does it right the FD neglecting spin splitting? If yes, why we can observed the Landau level by plotting the graph energy vs magnetic field? From my understanding, Landau level shows the quantization energy of charged particle. So, it must take the spin splitting into account.

    Is anyone here knows where I can refer the basic theory of Fock-Darwin model?
    I found Fock's paper but it isn't in English.

    Thank you.
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