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    Does anyone know the difference between a automatic weapon or a semi automatic weapon or a manual weapon? The difference between a submachine gun or assualt rifle? Or the AK's and the M's.
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    An automatic weapon will continue firing as long as you hold down the trigger.

    A semi-automatic weapon will reload when you release the trigger, but you must pull the trigger each time to fire.

    AKs and Ms are just model designations.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    A submachine gun is a lightweight, handheld machine gun [fully automatic]. An assualt rifle is any rifle that looks dangerous to the anti-gun people.
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    Automatic: Reloads while continously firing until the clip (or chain) is empty.

    Semi: Reloads in between shots, not a constant stream, you ahve to release the trigger to reload it.

    Manual: Swords, knives, clubs, any other such weapon.

    Assault rifles are fully automatic rifles that fire very large bullets (i don't recall directly). THey are generally standard military issue. The AK is the most common assalt rifle in most of the world, particularly by paramilitary (non governemental) organizations. American troops use the M16.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Not true franznietzsche. Assault rifles are not fully automatic; at least not as the term is now used. There are no legal machine guns or fully automatic weapons, but there is and has been legislation to ban various "assault rifles". Also, a deer gun shoots large bullets.
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    Manual is when you have to 'manually' (see how that worked) reload the gun by cocking it or breaking the barrel, ect.
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    do any of you play counter-strike? lol
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    Anybody know how the weapons work? This might be a little hard to explain...
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    Um.....ok, so yeah, what's it to ya?

    And concealed, are you trying to manufacture assault weapons in your basement again? Is that the reason for all these questions?
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    :grumpy: I'm about two seconds away from just kicking your butt.
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    And that would be use of a martial weapon
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