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Weather history for August 5

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    August 5, 1949, the famous Mann Gulch fire took place just North of Helena, MT.

    The song is slightly inaccurate, since there was also a 16th person already on the ground that joined up with them when they landed and provided an assessment of what was happening on the ground. Actually, 5 survived the initial fire, but two died in Helena later the next day from their burns. It also might not be clear that Dodge is dying 5 years after the fire from Hodgkins disease, not from injuries from the fire. They still do commemorate the deaths with 12 crosses and 1 Star of David.

    Cool website, with photos: Mann Gulch

    The more detailed story of the fire: [URL [Broken] Gulch Fire: A
    Race That Couldn’t Be Won[/url]
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