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WEAX gravity experiment

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    i have come across a reference to an experiment pertaining
    to gravity, it is called the WEAX experiment, the only
    referance i can find on the web is in a members only site
    so i wonder if anyone has any info?

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    The pnly info I see is in a site related to the site you linked. According to this site , the proposed experiment will attempt to find discrepencies from Einstein's predictions of gravitational mass within samples of antimatter in a microgravity environment. It is suggested that antimatter may not adhere perfectly to Al's Weak Equivilancy Principle, and may have an inertial mass theat is not identical to its gravitational mass.

    I'm guessing "Weak Equivilancy of Antimatter Experiment" is the acronym's meaning.
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    thanks LURCH.

    there is so much going on in this area of research but
    your guess seems about right to me, new tests to rule
    in or out certain gravity theories look like they
    will provide good results.
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