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Web based physics degree

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    I currently work in a completly unrelated field and ma not interested in a career change. I graduated from UF with a bachelors and masters in management. There is still a huge void I am feeling these days that I never took my love for physics seriously enough. I would like to take some physics courses and possibly get a degree or certificate from some institution. Are there any accredited or non-accredited physics courses or degrees I can take completly online? If there are please email me directly with any information or respond here. Its obviously easier to get me at my personal email.

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    Uh, no. You sign up to a forum, you come here to read replies. That's the way it works. =S

    I doubt there will be any good courses. A part of physics are labs. Those need to be done in groups and with materials. Kinda hard to do it over the net.

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    You can't do any of the natural sciences of engineering online. Too much of it involves labs. If you do find an online physics program it won't be accredited.
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    Yep. I think labs are almost as important as the classes. I know there would be some stuff I couldn't quite grasp during the lectures. Then I would make the lab the next day and see how obvious the material was.

    I think most science majors would be not worth it to do online.
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