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Web-based user comment engine

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    I'm looking for some software that I can use to form the core of my website. The website will have a database that users fill with comments etc. and are searchable by lots of metadata. It's not a blog, as I do not provide the content, the users do.

    Let me see if I can propose a hypothetical example:

    Say it's a media review site, where users come and post their own review of some movie or song or DVD or whatever. There is lots of metadata attached, such as date, medium, geo-location, site etc. Other users might search for all references to this media at this geo-location/site. Or they might just read all the newest.

    I could write it myself, but providing rich features would get to be a pain fairly quickly. Also, scalability would be troublesome.

    The s/w could start off relatively basic, and I could worry about scalability down the road.

    Oh, and I would not be totally adverse to inexpensive solutions.

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    No takers?
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    You could use a blog, only making the default role of registered people authors, or a CMS, like mambo etc.
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    Yeah, but a blog doesn't display all its metadata. Ideally, I'd like entries to be viewable in row-column format.

    I'll look into Mambo.
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    Perhaps anything here might intrest you?
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    Thanks! I'll look them over.

    So, I guess "CMS" is the keyword I was groping for.
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