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Web Development - any recommendations?

  1. May 18, 2004 #1
    Can somebody recommend any good beginner book on PHP and MySql. And any advice would be appreciated as well.

    This one was sent to me and I'm picking it up
    PHP and MySql
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    "PHP and MySQL Web Development, Second Edition" written by Luke Welling & Laura Thomson

    "MySQL and PHP: Visual QuickPro Guide" written by Larry Ullman

    Those 2 books helped me start learning PHP/SQL development when I was a beginner. Probably the 2 best books related to PHP/SQL I've ever read; and believe me, I've read more than my fair share. Definitely pick them up if you're serious about learning the basic and advanced methods of development using PHP and SQL hand-in-hand. Also, check out some online tutorials from here: http://www.w3schools.com/ . There are abunch of good "Server Side scripting" tutorials at that website you can learn from.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks Cod, that was a very good site as well.
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    I think sources or tutorials for web development like script-languages, database like mySQL are also available on the net...You can come to some web development forums and do a search on them...You sure get the results you want...
    I am not learning about web, or it is acutally and absolutely out of my interest...but during the time I went search for some programming languages forums a month ago, search engines brought me a bunch of them..:sm:
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    Great to hear you want to learn php! I've been using it for about 2 1/2 years now and its GREAT once you learn a lot of functions. I can't remember a title for the book i used to have but you'd probably be better off getting something up to date anyway :smile: oh and, later on after you master the basics it will just come down to learning functions. Just look them up on PHP.net and if you learn how php.net documents the functions well it wont take you but a few seconds to pick one up and add it to your library.
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    Very good advice, Thanks!
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    I started learning php a week ago (and had dabbled in mysql a few months earlier) and found webmonkey and DevShed have some very helpful tutorials for the beginner.

    Once you master these the more advanced stuff isn't too hard when combined with the php and mysql manuals.
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    Oh, my!!!
    Those nets !
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    I love this book:

    Open Source Web Development with LAMP
    by James Lee and Brent Ware

    LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and Perl/PHP. Here is the book's website:


    It covers a number of other related topics in addition to PHP/MySQL.

    The book is not very deep, but it is excellent for beginners. It will give you just enough to get on your feet, and then you can move to other books or web tutorials. The PHP/MySQL parts will show you enough to build your own journal/blog. IMHO, once you understand that exercise, everything else follows pretty easily.
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    Thanks a lot for helping myself !
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    Oh yeah, don't ever forget to say Hi to Bradon Elley!

    I_wish_I_was_smart, I_wish_I_knew_better !
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    I_wish_you_made_sense! :wink:
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    You wanted me to say more
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    I_wish_you_understood! (-_^)
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    Basically PHP is just a Server version of JavaScript with different functions. Syntax all the same. except it has a <? and > code tag. Just goto PHP.net for function references, thats all u need...
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    int[] $hut_Up = new int [ MAX_VALUE ]; :p
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