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Web hosting

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    Could somebody recommend to me a good web hosting service? Also, how much will a domain name cost me per year?
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    A domain name, assuming you aren't trying to get something that is already taken, should cost you maybe $10 a year. As for hosting, it depends on what you want. If you need a lot of bandwidth then it will cost you, but if you are just running a small site that won't have many visitors you can host a site relatively cheap. I used to have a domain name and a host, and I recall it costing about $70 for a year, and was quite reliable. Though I did not have much on my site, and probably less than 10,000 hits throughout that year.
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    what company hosted your site?
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    I've heard great things about www.bluehost.com

    My friend uses them and their support seems to be quite good...
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