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Web name registration

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    The battles continue between domain registrars. For those web developers out there, where do you go? I am almost 90% in godaddy. They are easy and trust worthly, but their website is terrible to navigate. Plus I don't enjoy their marketing tactics. So who is everyone else with?
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    I use Dreamhost for hosting and domain registration. I am extrememly pleased with the service and highly recommend it. The site is very helpful and provides wide expansion capabilities for both thte average user and the experienced web developer, and the blog and newsletter posts are humorous and intellectual :smile:
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    PF was actually on dreamhost year two :)
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    Yeah, Go Daddy for me too. The thing for me is self-service. Register.com was good back in the day but then they ripped everyone off.

    I suppose what I should do is write an open source registrar management self-service web interface.
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    Personally is use Dotster (which last i heard acquired ZoneEdit DNS services which i also use coincidentaly). I don't have a strong preference towards one or another registrar, Dotster's the first one i used and i prefer to keep my domains in one place. In fact i don't even track the domains very much, they auto-renew and my DNS nameservers are elsewhere. I host my stuff on my home server.
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