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Web page table

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    Hi, everyone, don't be mad about me. I am a tempered man too! I just want to be cool around with some questions. Perhaps I won't ask for something that people want to take away or never want to give. I have not been realising that even when you don't want to, I can not do anything else than just keep silent with my own problems, right ? It's alright for me and here is my question on a webpage I am trying to make.
    I put a table of 5 cols and 1 row on top of the page as a menu, I find that table in my page if opened with iexplore and safari looks fine horizontally but with firefox, another line feed is added and the last col is dropped down to the second line, something wrong about the alignment I am yet to find out a cause.

    Could someone tell me why ?
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    Can you put the source code here. From what I understand is that 5th column is coming in the second line but you want all 5 columns in one line.

    Width is likely the issue here. Just try

    <table style="width:100%">



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    Thanks, I will try it later because I am not at home now.
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