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Web site update tracking?

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    Anyone know of any app (preferably free, or built into windows) that can track a web site and tell me if the information on that page has been updated.

    I'm working on tracking a large amount of Legislation bills and need to be updated on when they are being ammending/voted/enacted.

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    Interesting, not sure how I would go about doing that. How much of the page has to change in order for it to be marked as "new."
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    The HTTP headers returned by the server include a last-modification timestamp. If you know just about any programming language, it should be an easy task to send requests to the server for a bunch of URLs, record the timestamps, and compare them with the last timestamps.

    It'd probably be 10-15 lines of Python.

    - Warren
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    I was thinking something around the same lines but I checked the headers of these forum pages and didn't see any timestamp.
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    Well, these forum pages are generated dynamically by PHP, so they don't have modification times.

    Normal html files should, however.

    I actually just realized an easier way. Send all your requests with an If-Modified-Since: header, and just read the response code.

    - Warren
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    Yep, you are right. I forgot php pages show the modified date as the time you are accessing the page.


    In that case the IF statement would work perfectly.
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