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Web Tension/Force Question

  1. May 28, 2014 #1

    Referring to the attached diagram, if the hanging weight in the picture were to weight 7.5 lbs, would that mean that the tension in rope is 7.5 lbs? Now referring to the bottom pulley, would the force on that pulley be 15 lbs?

    I’m working with a design that has a loadcell (force transducer) in place of that bottom pulley. If the loadcell was rated for 15lbs, would that mean that the maximum tension in the line could be 7.5 lbs? I’m an electrical guy but would like some help either confirming my above statements or pointing out incorrections.

    Furthermore, I have no idea what a force diagram would look like on this configuration.

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    Depends on the angles of the ropes going to the pulley.
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    From that drawing, it would roughly be double? But I see what you're saying about the angles.
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