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Webassign Homework

  1. Mar 13, 2008 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    2. Relevant equations

    3. The attempt at a solution

    please help asap thanks much appreciated

    An electron travels at a speed of 4.80 104 m/s through a uniform magnetic field whose magnitude is 1.90 10-3T. What is the magnitude of the magnetic force on the electron if its velocity and the magnetic field are oriented as follows?

    (a) perpendicular to eachother

    (b) at an angle of 59° to eachother

    (c) parallel to eachother

    A wire that is 1.40 m long and carrying a current of 10.0 A is at right angles to a uniform magnetic field. The force acting on the wire is 0.55 N. What is the strength of the magnetic field?

    A wire that is 0.45 m long and carrying a current of 8.7 A is at right angles to a uniform magnetic field. The force on the wire is 0.40 N. What is the strength of the magnetic field?

    The current through a wire 0.75 m long is 5.0 A. The wire is perpendicular to a 0.51 T magnetic field. What is the magnitude of the force on the wire?

    The force acting on a wire that is at right angles to a(n) 0.80 T magnetic field is 3.9 N. The current in the wire is 8.3 A. How long is the wire?

    A beam of electrons moves at right angles to a magnetic field of 5.1 10-2 T. The electrons have a velocity of 2.5 106 m/s. What is the magnitude of the force on each electron?

    A muon (a particle with the same charge as an electron) is traveling at 4.22 107 m/s at right angles to a magnetic field. The muon experiences a force of 4.60 10-12 N. How strong is the field?

    A singly ionized particle experiences a force of 4.5 10-13 N when it travels at right angles through a 0.67 T magnetic field. What is the velocity of the particle?

    A beta particle (high-speed electron) is traveling at right angles to a 0.48 T magnetic field. It has a speed of 2.5 107 m/s. What size force acts on the particle?
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    Welcome to PF. I suppose you didn't notice the bold text when you made the new post, but it's not there for nothing. Nor will we give the answers for nothing. In other words: please show us what you have already done / are your ideas on the subject.
  4. Mar 13, 2008 #3
    see thats the thing i got this homework today which is due tommorow and he did not teach it yet so i do not know what to do. Formulas or steps would be appreciated i do not need answers just how to do them
  5. Mar 13, 2008 #4
    Your textbook must have sections that describe:

    1. The formula for the force on a charged particle moving through a magnetic field.

    2. The formula for the force on a straight current-carrying wire in a magnetic field.
  6. Mar 14, 2008 #5
    wow thanks for nothing this forum is supposed to help you understand the problems you dont understand i do not undewrstand those so i posted them asking for a formula. i did not ask you to do them. So it takes the whole day and then in the morning, this morning, my friend gives it to me. F = BVqSin thats alkl you guys could have said. well thanks for nothing and i dont think ill be posting here again. ill probably have better lucky on yahoo answers unfortunately. pz 1
  7. Nov 17, 2010 #6
    Yeah - i stumbled upon this page concerning a question i had about this problem too. Like the one who posted, i dont need a "babystep" walkthrough, nor just the flat answer. After about 30-40 minutes of getting nowhere, i try to find the solution online. I just basically want to know if i should be trying to change speed to velocity.
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