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Weber-Fechner Law

  1. May 31, 2005 #1
    Hi All!

    Trying to locate a explanation for the Weber-Fechner Law. Just need the formula and the variable explanation.

    if anyone has a website with it or knows it to reply here it would be applauded.


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    Did you try Google?

    I learned enough in a google search to move this to biology.
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    yeah tried google, this is for my acoustics exam in a few days, so biology might not be the best place :s. The stimuli also includes sound.


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    Gee, google only returned about 6,000 websites, I would assume whatever you are looking for would be answered in one of those first few pages.
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    excellent mate.

    had my browser on UK only sites so that didn't come up. does on www :tongue2:



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