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Webhost Provider

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    I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but...

    What kind of equipment do you need to set up a webpage provider (is that what they are called?) like Geocities and Tripod, besides lots of hard drives and copies of Apaches? Do I need my own domain a few computers or more than that?
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    You want to host other sites? Obviously the first thing you need is your server, with MySQL and PHP installed. You could use Apache. To make it all automatic, you'd have to write a lot of custom code, as I've never heard of a program you can download that does this kind of thing. If you want to do things like Tripod, and have the other pages as a subpage of the main domain, then it seems you need only one.


    Like that. Sorry not to be that much help.
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    Also, something LIKE tripod or geocities requires massive amounts of bandwith and a few terrabytes of hard drive space. You'll probably also want an OC line or frame based connections. Software is the LAST thing you'll need to worry about if you want to setup a webpage provider.
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    Most of the larger webhosting companies lease space in data centers for their servers, routers, firewalls, UPS, etc...

    You will need a business class internet connection, commercial webhosting is not allowed on residential internet connections, you would need to check with your ISP. If they notice a lot of traffic, they can and will shut you off.

    On a small scale, you can set up a server in your bedroom, but I highly recommend a REAL firewall like a Cisco PIX if you will be giving space to people you don't know. Don't expect to have people flocking to you, more people lose money doing this than those that make money.
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    content management suits are relatively easy to install and make looking after a www site very easy
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