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Webhosting Suggestions

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    I know I posted a thread like this one a while back, but I'm finally ready to make my own website and pay for it. I've done a lot of research on my own, but I would love to hear your suggestions for great web hosting services. I need medium storage and bandwith with PHP and MySQL capabilities.

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    What about hosting the website on your own computer? It isn't all that difficult.
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    try www.bigbytes.net, they offer the some of the cheapest webhosting packages with php/mysql support. How come they are so cheap? They oversell. As much as overselling might sound like a bad thing I have not had any problems with their service. you can also do what dduardo recommended but just don't use IIS.
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    I tried that route with the Apache server on Linux. The configuration of PHP, MySQL, and Apache were not in a nice GUI interface that I'm used to. :grumpy: So I think hosting on another server is the best option.

    Also, if I were to run a forum site similar to this one, how much space would you recommend?
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