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Website Feedback

  1. Apr 13, 2006 #1
    This website was made (very hastily) for a recent FBLA web development competition. The goal of the website is to attract businesses to your city (real or make-believe, in this case the city is real). I would appreciate any feedback and constructive criticism. Thanks in advance.

    http://www.polk-fl.net/whhs/events/index.html" [Broken]

    I'm only interested in the design and usability of the site, the content is under another's charge.
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    My suggestion would be to develop a better color scheme.

    Blue+orange+green=puke color.
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    I agree, but according to my instructor, those are the "colors" of our city. Even though the city can be fictitious, she was very strict on the fact that the colors and content should match the real city.
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    I would get rid of the background image you have in the body and simply put a green border of 1px in the container.
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    No complaints about the usability and organization. I think you can improve on the look though. One thing i would change is the font. It looks like you're using Arial. Nothing wrong with that font, except that it is a bit plain. It's a matter of personal opinion, but i prefer a mix of Trebuchet MS and Verdana, or some other font that i don't regularly see. It seems you're downplaying the font, which is easy to do, but in my opinion the font has a big influence on how the web site looks and should be carefully picked.
    I also like to see a site with alot of stuff going on, rather than a layout i'm used to seeing, but that is dependent on the content. I think right now the website is too "rectangular". You have a nice logo to work with, and i think a main page with that logo in a white background with some carefully sleected text/fonts and more detail would be more pleasant.
    One of the issues i have right now is with the background loading. Every time i change page, the background reloads. Since the page's color background is white, the background color is white before the background image is processed, causing it to "flash". I would change the background color from white to a green that closely matches the background image and thus eliminate the flashing.
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    As far as general organization goes you have "Things to do" as a subcategory of "Things to do". You might want to rename the main category.

    I guess that goes under content so that's not your job.
  8. Apr 14, 2006 #7
    I wouldn't want to repeat something anyone above has said so I would suggest making the foreground a bit wider. To the casual observer, the background takes up to much space, almost a fourth of the main page.
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