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Website for Lab Supplies - Graduate Lab

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    Hello All,

    I am in search for a company to buy lab supplies from and am looking for any recommendations. I need to buy tweezers, dishes and other supplies. I work in a clean room mostly with small 1cm x 1cm chips, sometimes with full wafers.

    I did some google searches only to be completely overwhelmed. I also search a few sites which sell lab supplies only to find their websites horribly organized and impossible to find what I am looking for. Just curious if anyone has had good experiences with a particular company or site.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    At some of my former jobs, I used Cole-Parmer for this sort of thing. I had no problems with them.
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    I use Fisher Scientific. Twice I've ordered instruments that had to be returned (one had electical problems, the other had damage that suggested it had been dropped). They took them back and gave me replacements, without any problems.
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    There used to be a supplier that sold cylinders of ideal gas, perfect conductors, frictionless tracks, etc. for freshman science labs, but I can't find them on the net anymore.
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    People have already mentioned Fisher Scientific, but I'll also pitch in VWR Scientific as general (and sometimes specialized--both have phonebook sized catalogs) scientific supply houses. If you work in a clean room, check around to see where they get their materiel from.

    We purchased wafer and SEM stub tweezers (they also sell SEM stub boxes) from Canemco (based out of Montreal):
    http://www.canemco.com/catalog/tweezers/wafer.htm [Broken]

    Fluoroware (now part of Entegris) sells substrate holders and wet work stuff, but you'll need to order in quantity. You can also occasionally find their wares on eBay.
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