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Website full of physics problems

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    Hey, I don't really know where to post this, so I'll just post it here. Does anyone know some websites, which contain a list of problems to do with classical physics? Something like http://projecteuler.net" [Broken]. I want these sorts of problems, except for classical physics.

    I don't really want just simple exercises. I would prefer if the difficulty of the problems would force me to think deeply and cover a broad range of physics.
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    Have you looked at the maths and physics learning resources?
    I can't think of any site, I tend to use the problems that are posted on this site (homework section?) and then check my answers against the other users.
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    Yeh, I did have a quick look. Most were lectures, videos or courses. I don't really want that. I'll look in the homework section, see if their are problems there, though I'd prefer not to do this.
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