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Website opinion

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    I had to build a website for a competition for FIRST robotics and I was wondering what people thought of it. the website address is www.quantumninja.com/first (yes I did use a cms but I added a lot on to it) For what I wanted with log on services I didn't have the coding background to do it.
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    Ok, so its your standard php-nuke website. Big deal.

    j/k. It looks nice.

    You know I was involved in FIRST back in highschool. Team 108 Sigma Cat:


    Our team in conjunction with another, forgot which number, did all the scouting reports and posted them online, including videos of the matches. Students who where involved in this project really got to work with the engineers.

    Unfortunetly those who chose to work on the actually robot got to watch on the sidelines while the engineers did everything.
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