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Websites on Nuclei/particle/atomic reactions

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    anyone know of any good forums that list Nuclei/particle/atomic reactions in a table. Sort of liket he list you can find in stellar burning(Caroll & Ostlie)
    but a list of everything(or alot of reactions)?
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    ah yes the particle adventure website. But they don't really have what i'm looking for(at least i remember it that way). Not just looking how to balance the equations by e- or c charges and cons of p&E. But actual equations that have been observed, unless your referring to the lepton decay they have there.

    in Carroll,Ostliee they have an entire list of reactions like


    if it still on the particle adventure website, perhaps you can point me ot the correct sublink(category->page).

    Oh and maybe you would know of a reference to a table comprising
    all the particles in a table arrrangement by mass/no mass, e&c charges, approx R. etc.
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    Does http://particleadventure.org/particleadventure/frameless/chart_frame.html site help?

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    sort of thx
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    The given site was also in the elementary particles thread. Neurocomp, i suggest you start by checking out every post in that thread since it was written by several members to solve these kinds of questions.

    Hope it helps

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    oh sorry, i thought you said to just look at the first post, first link
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    Yes i did. But based upon the content of your questions, i just wanted to let you know there is a lot more in this entire thread that you might find very interesting.

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    k thx marlon
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