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Websites programming problem?

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    I want to put a picture as a background image for the row in the table using html code but it doesn't exactly fixed in the row . it repeated or just using it original size . How can I do so that my picture fixed exactly that is same width and height as the table row or column?
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    You can specify the width and height, i.e.:
    <img src='' width='120px' height='200px' />
    or just use 100%
    <img src='' width='100%'height='100%' />
    You can also use css to set the image as background without repeating.
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    If i specify the image width and height, when the user resize the window, the table row size is also resize and the image will not fit in the row again.The 100% mean the 100% of the image original size or the row size ? If I use css without repeating , the image will not fit exactly in the row but become too small compare to the row and left a space in the row . So , how can i do it ?
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