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Websites: xdot, xdoubledot symbols?

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    was wondering if any one knows of any fonts that hold the xdot, xdoubledot symbols one would use int physics? If not i guess i gotta use the image methods.
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    If you are in the sciences, you should be using LaTeX to typeset your papers. Much better layout and you get all the symbols you need.

    check it out, \dot{x} gives you xdot, and \ddot{x} gets you xdoubledot

    It also makes bibliography management and citation insertion super easy.

    if you are a super noob to it, you can use LyX: http://www.home.zonnet.nl/rareitsma/lyx/ [Broken]

    as for word, I dunno. don't use it for writing.
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    [tex] \dot{x} \ddot{x} \dot{y} [/tex]
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    whats that written in yomamma? or is it a gif?
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    If you're working with letters that are vowels, you could just use standard diacritical marks, otherwise I have to agree with the concensus that LaTeX is best.
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    yeah the x and theta don't have the marks so i guess i gotta learn latex
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