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Wedge product

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    Hi all!

    The prof for "theoretical methods in physics" mentioned last week the term "wedge product" but it all remained very unclear to me. I read about it in Wikipedia, but couldn`t catch it at all, cause I`m doing in the first semester now.

    Does anyone know where I could find it well explained?

    Thanks in advance! :)
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    In which context was it mentioned? Did it have to do with vectors? Or with tensors?
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    it´s was given as a generalisation of the vector product
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    It's a dot product, but for functions rather than for vectors, it might help if you read upon melnikov analysis, a rather useful tool to analyse bifurcation boundaries on the parameter space, it involves the wedge product in its definition.
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    read spivak, calculus on manifolds, i think chapter 4. it is a skew symmetric multiplication, used to make determinants more routinely computational. i.e. the determinant of a matrix is essentially the wedge product of its rows. the wedge product of two n vectors, is a vector with n choose 2 entries, namely the 2by2 submatrices of the corresponding 2 by n matrix,..etc....

    the wedge product of three n vectors is: guess what? oh there is also a variational version, wherein one takes the wedge product of vector fields and covector fields, etc...
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    wait what? Is the meaning of wedge product different in melinov analysis as compared to geometry? ... This certainly isnt the meaning in geometry.
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