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Weight at equator vs pole

  1. Mar 19, 2005 #1
    As the Earth is spinning, how much more would a kg of say, platinum, bought at the equator, weigh at the North pole?
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    there is only a plus 0.3% difference at either pole
  4. Mar 19, 2005 #3
    3 grams of platinum for free! Isn't that worth about $100?
  5. Mar 20, 2005 #4
    shhh keep this a secret.....I know this great deal on a bridge in New York..for a couple hundred dollars it can be yours!
  6. Mar 20, 2005 #5
    I can't seem to find any place to sell platinum at either pole!
  7. Mar 20, 2005 #6
    wow thats odd, i heard all the "in" polar bear were wearing it this season.
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