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Homework Help: Weight from a height?

  1. May 2, 2012 #1
    OK so my thread got deleted cos moderator thought it was homework!! So can any of you guys help??

    I dropped a 500ml unopened can of beer on my foot yesterday from a height of about 3.5feet. Does anyone know what weight it would have been??? Apart from a sore bruised foot I also have pain on and off in lower leg and will go to doctor if it persists but would have like to know what weight it was.

    It was fierce sore and I almost vomitted with pain at the time. Walking on it ok but certain movements really turn my tummy.

    Thanks in advance and it is not homework but distress so please be patient with me and reply. I have no physics background at all.
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    oops! Effort to solve my problem..............

    Beer can times height dropped = severe pain.

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    Your question is not clear. The weight of the can is a constant and has nothing to do with from how high it was dropped or how fast it was going. You could, using "conservation" of energy with mgh= (1/2)mv^2, calculate the speed with which it hits your foot. But the force your foot applies to the can- the force it feels the can applying to it, depends upon how long the can takes to stop. And that depends on the resiliency of your foot.
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