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Weight loss burn fat diet

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    I've been trying to lose weight a few times but each time failed not knowing what to eat. What should I be eating to burn as much fat as possible? I know I should avoid carbohydrates and drink water regularly. Does eating salad changes anything? What else should I be eating? Currently weighing 94kg with a height of 175cm.
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    Dieting is a very complex issue. There was a recent article in Scientific American Mind about how dieting often fails due to the psychology behind it.


    Having said that leafy salads have zero calories and so would be good to eat. Aspartame-based soda is also zero calories and can fix a soda habit although it appears people still gain weight after a time. However, drinking water in place of a soda is also zero cals without the same side-effects.


    None of these references are very scientific and I am not an expert in this field so your best bet is to do some research online and come up with a plan that works for you.
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    It's not what you "should" be eating, but what you "should not" be eating.

    I would argue that the basic principle in dieting is actually very simple. Losing weight is about consuming less calories than you burn. It's the execution of this in an environment of excess calories, near-constant temptation, sedentary lifestyles, and constant demands on one's executive function that make it very difficult to execute.

    I lost 40 lbs about two years ago and have kept it off with the following rules.
    1. Control portion sizes.
    2. Avoid junk food.
    3. Half of what you eat should be a real fruit or a vegetable.
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    We cannot give medical advice here on the PF. Hopefully you find the replies above informative -- especially the part about how foods do not burn fat. :smile:

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