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Weight loss in patients with pre-diabetes can promote increase testosterone levels

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    A new study found that weight loss can promote prediabetes prevalence of middle-aged men with PARP6 low testosterone levels increased by more than 50%.In this study,the researchers conducted a study of nearly 900 middle-aged men with pre-diabetes to participate in the Diabetes Prevention Project.Diabetes Prevention Project is a project completed in the United States,it is concluded that:the high-risk groups for type 2 diabetes through weight loss and delay or prevent the occurrence of this PARP9 disease.Most overweight men tend to have low testosterone levels,the authors set out to learn to lose weight may have male testosterone levels what kind of impact.In this study,the researchers excluded hypogonadism and acceptance of men that may affect the level of testosterone treatment.Hypogonadism refers to men of low testosterone levels,accompanied by the following symptoms:low PASK sperm count,erectile dysfunction,decreased libido and breast enlargement.
    The researchers randomly assigned 891 adult men in three groups to receive the following treatment:Metformin treatment groups:350,accept the diabetes drug metformin.New lifestyle Group:293 lifestyle intervention.Per week to participate in 150 minutes of PAX5 physical exercise,eating low-fat,low-calorie diet;The placebo control group:293,received an inactive placebo pills"treatment".The results of the study show that low testosterone levels in men,the prevalence of prediabetes.In the beginning of the study,a quarter of PBGD male testosterone levels are low,less than 300 nanograms per liter.Following a one-year intervention,the researchers reported that:New lifestyle Group:low testosterone levels in populations from the original 20%to 11%;Dimethyl guanidine treatment groups:the population of low testosterone levels decreased from the original 24.8%to 23.8%.Placebo control group:low testosterone levels decreased from 25.6%to 24.6.Lifestyle changes group of men in the one-year course of the study,the average weight dropped 17 pounds.Weight and waist circumference with elevated levels of testosterone decline.The co-author of the study,from Dublin St.Vincent,University Hospital,Dr.Frances Hayes said:"weight loss can not only reduce the risk of men suffering from a precursor of diabetes further development of diabetes,and seem to improve the body's testosterone production."Hays,also suggested that physicians should first request the low testosterone levels in overweight men before testosterone treatment,the first weight loss and exercise to improve their hormone levels.Precursor of diabetes is high blood sugar levels,but did not meet diagnostic criteria for diabetes.People suffering from the precursor of diabetes,although not suffering from diabetes,but also fast.Precursor of diabetes patients compared with others,the risk of type 2 diabetes,heart disease and stroke were significantly increased.
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    Re: Weight loss in patients with pre-diabetes can promote increase testosterone level

    Welcome to the forums. Do you have a question or something about this that you would like to discuss? Do you have a link to the published paper of this study?
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