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Weight Loss Pills, they useful? :p

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    Recently I received a sample Weight Loss pill from Advantage... Wondering if I can use them... They ddin't say teens can't use them... Just wondering if anyone know there are any side affects of using Weight Loss pills. I am currently about 150lbs... i am about 5'11''. (71 inches).
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    Try looking up some name of the medication online. Search google for reviews. People will list their side effects and what they think.

    Try consulting the doctor first?
    In general, I would not recommend it, but it's up to you.
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    You don't need to lose weight!

    Many non-prescription weight loss products contain diuretics which create temporary weight loss due to ridding the body of water, it is not true weight (fat) loss. Some contain decongestants which can suppress appetite. There are so many different ingredients these products can contain.

    My advice is to just stay away from all of them.
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    I agree with Evo, that at 5'11" and 150 lbs, you have no reason to need to lose weight. Diet pills can vary from being useless (often they have instructions with them about not eating for some number of hours before or after taking them...it's avoiding those snacks that helps you lose weight, not the pill), to dangerous. Diuretics and stimulants can both be harmful to your kidneys and cardiovascular system. And, when people rely in pills to lose weight, once they stop taking the pills, they just gain it all back because they haven't actually learned to eat any healthier or to add any exercise to their daily routine.
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    Wow you need to gain weight, seriously. I'm about 5'9 and 150lb, and I'm not nearly as buff as I would like.

    Other kinds of pills that help lose weight contain:
    -amphetamines (I think these are now illegal)

    Forgot to say the side effects (what you originally asked).
    -lots of energy (use it wisely :wink: )
    -bone loss (mostly affects older women)
    -decreased reaction time (studies show it, but I don't believe it myself)
    -heart burn

    -lots of energy :biggrin:
    -dry mouth, or a bad taste in the mouth
    -impotence (why you never take extacy before sex)
    -insanity if taken over a long period of time
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    nvm lol I found what my problem is... it's called dyspepsia... little bloated stomach resulting from digestion problems.
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    Is that condition treatable?
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    i'm 5'11" and 160lbs and poeple tell me to gain weight, but your condition sucks man, i believe its all due to your diet aint it, consult a doctor about it, thats what i would do,
    besides who needs a sixpack when you can have a keg hehe and remember its not a beerbelly its a fuel tank for a sex machine haha
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    Airplanes can't fly with 10 million gallon fuel tanks. Keep that in mind. :wink:
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    5'11'' and 150lbs, you certainly don't need to lose weight unless your teying to gain the abilty of hiding behind lamposts. People often accuse me of being thin and I weigh over 200lbs!
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    Keep in mind that the BMI is not a very good measure weight for many people. Those that are big framed (male or female) and those that are muscular cannot go by the BMI.

    When I topped 220 at 5'11'' before my last competition, the BMI classified me as obese, even though I have a very average frame and build -- just the muscle mass alone skewed my results pretty bad. I was only around 12-14% BF at the time.

    The best judge of your body is yourself, assuming that you can honestly evaluate yourself (although many people cannot). Go by some of the health basics: do you eat out a lot? Do you eat junk food often? Can you run the mile in under 9 minutes? Do you exercise somewhat frequently? Can you use the stairs to get to the fourth floor without sucking wind?

    A person can carry a decent amount of body fat and still be healthy. Conversely, a overly muscular bodybuilder with 5% BF can be horribly unhealthy. Take a look at what you're genetically capable of looking like while remaining healthy. Remember, fat is not your enemy. Excess carbohydrates are.

    Fat loss agents: in the US, the only real fat loss chemical (thermogenic) to work is the ECA stack -- a synergistic combination of ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin. However, all the drugs in the world will do no good AT ALL without the most important basics: exercise, diet, and proper sleep.
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    I play Table Tennis 3 - 4 times a week. usually 4 hours a session... I walk 2 miles 5 days a week, and 4 miles 2 days a week.

    And I eat very delicious home cook Chinese food :)

    And yes, Dyspepsia is treatble... a few medicine help you digest is all you need.
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    Amphetamine is still prescribed in some very specific and very rare cases of obesity (Adderall and dexedrine). Basically only if other things don't work and the person is physically incapable of exercising alot, and not yet having developed heart problems or high blood pressure.

    Are you sure about the impotence claim? People take amphetamines before sex all the time, and while dopaminergic stimulants do cause..um..shrinkage worse than icewater, erections and orgasms are still not difficult. Ecstasy wouldn't be so popular otherwise.

    And insanity, definately not unless you're taking way too much for way too long. I think you forgot Requiem for a Dream is portraying a worst case scenario from extreme amounts instead of patients following the directions.

    Moving along, mild legal stimulants will help you lose weight by appetite reduction. But with these, you still have to make an effort to control your eating, you can't expect them to do all the work alone like strong stimulants. Before attempting to use a stimulant regiment for a diet, it's highly adviseable to have a full workup done to check for heart problems, especially if you have a family history. What I believe to be the best stimulant diet aid program that's legal is caffeine and ephedrine. Ephedrine was banned from being sold as a diet aid because people with heart problems were having them made worse, hence my advice to get an angiogram, but it's still legal to take, and can be bought as a decongestant (Sudafed, anything with either ephedrine or psuedoephedrine (I believe they're just optical isomers). Keep the dosages of each as low as you can to get your appetite under control.

    Interesting side note on ephedrine, the only difference between ephedrine and methamphetamine is one hydroxyl group attach to a carbon atom along the side chain from an aromatic ring.

    DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical doctor, consult one before using any substance as a diet aid.
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    I'm very sure about that claim. It's always listed as a side effect, ravers have told me that, and I've had first hand experience. It doesn't happen every time, but it can happen.
    Caffeine sex is better anyway :wink:
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    Preliminary studies show that X, like many drugs, works through the same brain pathways as those that give the pleasurable feelings of sex. The odd thing is that X seems to make sex aversive rather than rewarding. If you give MDMA to male rats and let them mate (they don't seem to have any trouble with that), the next time you put them with a female, they avoid the female. This is totally preliminary (unpublished), so we'll have to wait a bit to see if it holds up when replicated. Anecdotally, we've heard this is similar to what humans experience...no problem the first time, but sex isn't very pleasurable subsequently (I wasn't aware of the impotence component previously, though when getting information anectdotally, it's not always complete.)

    When I heard about these effects, I was puzzled why it was so popular. You'd think those side effects alone would turn people off trying it.
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