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Homework Help: Weight of N 3-Dimensional Quantum Harmonic Oscillators

  1. Feb 23, 2012 #1
    Hey guys,

    The question gives us N 3-Dimensional Quantum Harmonic Oscillators with :


    Where h-bar is the reduced plancks constant, w is the angular frequency, and the sum takes place over i=1 to i=3N, and (i) is subscript!

    Now I believe the microstates of this problem are given by 'n' which are the non negative integers which correspond to the excitement level of the individual oscillators.

    I have the total number of microstates to be L=(E/((h-bar)w))-(3N/2), which you can see from the above equation by some rearranging.

    I'm not sure how I work out how many macrostates I have, I have to show that the weight is given by : ((3N-1)+L) choose L

    I'm not sure where to start,
    Sorry if my description of the problem is incomprehensible

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