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-Weight on an Incline-please help

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    URGENT--Weight on an Incline--please help

    A 51.5 lb object is sitting on an inclined plane that makes a 33 degree angle with the horizontal. What is the component of weight that tends to make the object slide down the incline?
    And, what is the component of weight that presses against the incline?

    i dont know how to go about solving the problem, i dont know how to draw the diagram or what its asking me.
    Please help
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    Well, you've got a slope at an angle of 33 degrees, with an object resting on it. Can you not draw this?

    Then, the object has a weight, which acts vertically downwards, and you are asked to calculate the components of the weight parallel and perpendicular to the slope. You can do this by trigonometry. Draw the diagram and this should become clearer.
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