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Weight vs Torque relation

  1. Apr 4, 2013 #1
    I am trying to figure out the torque vs weight relationship. I am working on a software project where I want to create an application to determine the maximum payload on vehicle with rubber tyre on asphalt road.

    I am having three parameter

    1. Torque
    2. RPM
    3. Diameter of tyre

    based on which I need to determine the payload capacity of a vehicle.

    Example 1

    Torque = 106 kg.cm
    RPM = 10
    wheel diameter = 10 cm
    Speed will be = 2 X pi X (diameter/2) X (RPM/60) = 5.24 cm/s

    Example 2
    Torque = 47.19kg.cm
    RPM = 200
    wheel diameter = 5 cm
    Speed will be = 2 X pi X (diameter/2) X (RPM/60) = 52.38 cm/s

    Example 3
    Torque = 109.20 kg.cm
    RPM = 60
    wheel diameter = 6 cm
    Speed will be = 2 X pi X (diameter/2) X (RPM/60) = 18.86 cm/s
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    Those three parameters aren't nearly enough.

    On level ground (and ignoring air drag and rolling resistance) the relationship is via acceleration not speed. eg The torque required to maintain a constant speed is zero because there are no forces to be overcome. On hills it's a different matter.
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