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Weighted Averages

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    Column-----> A------- B-------C-------D---------E
    Beds------> 21.0-- 181125 - 0.0001 - 95600 -- 11.08405797
    Balls------> 180 --- 39255 -- 0.0046 - 17715 -- 81.23041651
    Results----> 201---220380 - 0.0009 - 113315 - 103.3501906
    sum sum X/Y sum CxD
    I have the above problem on a program I am writing and need the mathmatical solution to get the right results row. This program is used in the SAP BW Warehouse software. The program deliveries the above result. It calculates the the result row by the formula below the results row. What I want to get to is for column E to sum to 92.31447 and not 103.350. The program for programmable reasons cannot sum the two rows so I need to derive a formula with the figures above to get to the desired result of 92.31447
    Any help will be appreciated. I am just about off my head!! :bugeye:
    Cannot get the formating correcthence the ---. Basically I have 5 columns A-E.
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    I THINK what you mean is that the "Results" row under the "A", "B", and "C" columns is the sum of the two numbers above it, but I have no idea what X/Y means since there is no X and Y. I also don't know what CxD means since "C" and "D" are columns of numbers, not numbers. I'm wondering how in the world the number of "Beds" could be 0.0001 or how the number of "Balls" could be 0.0046!

    In any case, all you are telling us is that you WANT 92.31447 in the last column without telling us WHY or how that number is supposed to be connected with the others?? One perfectly valid formula for that result is "92.31447"- in other words whatever the other numbers put 92.31447 in that place. Without knowing what in the world you are doing or what these numbers are supposed to MEAN that's about the best we can do.
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