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Weighting results with curve

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    I'm trying to find the quantity of energy transferred between two systems. I have an absorption curve and a drive curve, but neither of these follow a mathematical expression.

    I want to use the absorption curves to find out how much of the drive is being transferred. I know one way to do this would be to integrate the curves, but they can't really be approximated by an expression.

    How else might I go about it?

    I have actually thought about drawing them, then doing the old cutting out and measuring the area trick for a rough estimation. Surely there's something easier than that though.

    Maybe scan them and use something on the computer to find the enclosed area?

    But there's a lot of sharp deviation on the curves, so I'd really need to cut the x-axis up into a lot of sections to get any kind of accuracy whatsoever.
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    "math expression" means what to you?

    Do you have some data that we could look at or a plot?

    As long as the data is continuous, a math expression should be possible to find. See this http://www.digitalCalculus.com/demo/curvfit.html" [Broken] program with its many examples.
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