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Homework Help: Weightloss science question

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    I'm not sure which forum to ask this statistic question.

    Here it is:

    Assume that the weight loss for the first month of a diet program varies between 6 pounds and 17 pounds, and is spread evenly over the range of possibilities, so that there is a uniform distribution. Find the probability of the given range of pounds lost.
    Between 10.5 pounds and 12 pounds?

    which is the answer to this question.

    A) 1/3

    B) 1/2

    C) 1/4

    D) 3/4

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    E) none of the above.

    A uniform distribution between 6 and 17 pounds means that you have an equal probability of losing any amount of weight between 6 and 17 pounds, and zero probability of losing any other amount of weight. Since 17 - 6 = 11 pounds, and 12 - 10.5 = 1.5 pounds, the probability of losing between 10.5 and 12 pounds is 1.5/11 = 13.6%. Maybe I'm missing part of the problem, but this doesn't correspond to any of the answers you've given.
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