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Weird and spurious

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    Did anyone else receive a huge Private Message about "M-Cubics"?

    I didn't start this thread to discuss the "theory", or to discuss the poster, I'm merely interested in whether I have understood what the post is saying.

    Am I completely dense, or is the entire post simply defining a (completely arbitrary) coordinate system? It seems to do nothing more than lay out Euclidean space in a 3D grid with units in base 4.

    It takes 23 paragraphs to do this (when one would have sufficed), and then in the fourth-to-last paragraph seems to suggest it is unveiling some sort of secrets about the universe.

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    Yes, that was my understanding as well - just a coordinate system (one that already exists anyway) with no real discussion of how physics would work inside it, except to assert that time would be the same everywhere.
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    No, I didn't get PM'ed with that theory. Even the crackpots don't want to talk to me.

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    So... this, then?

    (Think I'll get tapped for intellectual theft? :rolleyes: )
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