Weird and wonderful Physic & MAth Formula

  1. Hi!

    Just wanted to get some help from all you wonderful guys!!

    Can anybody help me with providing a link to a website that has all weird and wonderful formula to work out stuff - you know the kind - with more greek letters than you would find in a greek book and all those other wonderful curly letters that they use.

    If you must know - I really don't care what they mean (though I probably read up on them-but thats just me!) but I wnat to put it on a poster soooo the more weird looking the formula are, the better!

    Thank you!!!!!!
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    So you just want to see huge formulas that you don't understand?

    - Warren
  4. Try finding a formula on Eric Weisstein's site, big or small, that at least explains what it is doing. Then use it for your poster.
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    Have you never been struck by the weird beauty of some of Ramanujan's formulae?
    (Personally, I tend to like formulae which are elegant, concise and short that I understand the meaning of; however, some of Ramanujan's identities still strike me as "beautiful" even though I don't know a single step in the derivation of the formula)
  6. I don't suppose we may have a look at the poster once you're done.
  7. Basically yes! Complex formulae with odd-looking symbols are more eye-catching than something like v = u + at. My enquiring mind, though, will force me to find out the meanings of these equations just out of interest! :wink:

    No problem there - I'll attach a file when I'm done! Just I'd like some help with links and stuff coz all I've found so far are the simplistic stuff you learn in 1st and 2nd year and though some "look" nice, but nothing really, really "eye-catching" as such!
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  8. Well, all right then. I downloaded this a while ago and thought it would be nice to have. I'm not sure if you got it already, but I'll post it anyway. If not, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

    Physics Formulary
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  10. Neither is this link working!! Guess it ain't my day today! :cry: :cry:
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    Don't forget the famous ones like Einstein's equation, or the expressions for the blackbody spectrum as derived by Planck.

    - Warren
  13. Really? It works when I click on it.
  14. Ja, it's working now! I tried a couple hours back but it no work! Thanks!


    AGAIN!!! The PDF don't wanna dl!!! Hell, this is def. not my day!!!


    Weird stuff - It's working now!!!!
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  15. Thanks Chrono!! The site is like SUPERCOOL!!!

    BTW gotta better "project" for the equations which just struck me! Our engineering faculty wants T-Shirt designs soo...the equations have given me a very nice idea for a wicked T design!!!

    Thanks all for help!!!
  16. I figured you'd like it.

    The t-shirts would be a cool idea! You should sell them, I'm sure we would buy some.
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    The late Richard Feynman is famous for, among other things, his 'Feynman diagrams.' There is an anecdote that goes back to the period of time when he was first speaking on that topic at seminars on field theory. Supposedly a couple of big-time physicists were discussing what they had learned from the talks at a seminar, and all they could say relative to Feynman's talk was that he wrote equations with "funny-looking slashes" through some of the symbols. The use of the slash is to save some writing of symbols when dealing with spinors, and it is pretty common to come across it these days.
  18. A bit late but thats okay I guess


    It's been a year since I posted this thread asking you guys for help and I realised I didn't show you guys the final product. This is the design I made for our engineering faculty T-Shirt competition. They haven't decided on anything yet so dunno if they're using it. :smile: It is a bit small though - the original.png file is. like, 250KB and about 5x the size. Anyways, hope you like!!

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