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Weird behaviour

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    Well here's my question:
    Do any of you know people who just don't realise that they can't be talked to because they have an EXTREMELY short fuse? When I say extremely short I mean a fuse that leads them to blow up in your face with anger instantaneously.

    I woudln't mind knowing how you guys deal with it if you do.
    I would have thought that telling them straight to their face everytime they do it would kind of make them realise. BUT I WAS WRONG!
    This just gets them more angry.
    It's pretty weird huh? I just wonder what the hell goes on in their heads when they do this.
    It gets to the point where you will be joking with someone else and then they will butt into your conversation out of nowhere and start yelling at you.
    By the way the jokes aren't about them haha :)
    I think the solution lies in sedatives haha
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    This is a defensive reaction. It is a sign of deep self-doubt and insecurity, and may be so deeply buried that even he/she may not be aware of it. Don't be angry with them or mock them. They are troubled; act with compassion. Deal with them in ways that don't trigger their defenses. There are ways of discussing things that are inclusive and collaborative, rather than adversarial and combative.
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    On that short of a fuse, usually it's the police who eventually take care of them. They probably need psychiatric intervention, but it's hard to tell them that when they're going to blow up if you suggest it.
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    Once it's happened, I ignore that person completely hence-forth even if s/he tries to initiate a conversation. Not too many people around here have the guts to yell at me, though. The one who does is a good friend who gets loud and insulting and pig-headed during discussions about anything serious, but it's just his way of making a point and he means no disrespect. One woman in the bar actually came and stood between our seats one night because she thought that we were going to take it outside, but we were both enjoying the hell out of it. (He doesn't act that way with other people; he knows that I take no offense at it.)
    One very large fellow (6'2"/280lbs) who loudly threatened my life for no apparent reason made peace with me. (I'm currently awaiting trial on weapons charges over that, but he's very polite now.)
    If someone butts into a conversation to harangue one of us, I not very subtly say "This is a private conversation that doesn't include you. Get the **** out of here."
    But hey, that's just me. Others prefer diplomacy. :rolleyes:
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