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Weird configuration of the Desargues' theorem. Is it correct?

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    Desargues' theorem:
    Two triangles are in perspective axially if and only if they are in perspective centrally.

    I was wondering if this particular configuration was correct:


    http://garciacapitan.99on.com/bella/imgs/desarg2.gif (copy-paste the link ir it doesnt show you the image or doble click on the attached thumbnail)

    I don't know if it is even possible for the center of perspectivity (O) be in-between the two triangles. Also I believe that the perspectivity axis (P,Q,R) isn't horizontal.

    My first thought was that the correspondent vertices were wrongly located but then again I found this in a geometry book. So please could you help me? Are the correspondent vertices wrongly located or am I not undertanding? HELP please!

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