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Weird glass behaviour

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    Hi to everyone, I'm new here and this is my first post. I have been reading por a couple of days without nothing to ask/say but I have just remembered an e-mail that a friend sent me a last week.

    In her mail, I don't paste it because it's written in spanish, she wants me to explain, using my physics knowledge(which is not as wide as she believes... :confused: ) something that happened to her.

    What she says is that she was holding a glass and it suddenly crashed... it just broke, well she says she had it "on air" but even in spanish it has many meanings.. may be that she was on a plane(she was on holidays when she wrote me the mail) or it was just "flying" from one hand to another...

    any ideas? could it have broken in a plane? some presure change?

    I have thought about but my physics background doesn't suggest my any explanation... anyway she doesn't explain what happened but it open the doors for multiple interpretations and it can result in a wide range of explanations.

    Let's find out what you guys think about it(I hope someone read that...and sorry for all the writing mistakes I have, surely, done...)

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    hmm... Sniper! Are their any outstanding threats against her life?
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    Very hot hands?
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