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Weird idea: Dark emitters

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    Since 7, I always have a weird idea in mind
    As light can be in any colors, then why not black

    Later at 15, I understand that black = absence of (visible) light (photons)
    but would it be cool if we have a lamp that shines darkness?

    I once have discussed this idea with my physics teacher before.
    Original idea: Something that acts like light (I'll call them Dark photons), that is the opposite of light, when the two collide, they aniliate each other, rendering the result area dark, so it'll look like a lamp that project darkness

    but my physics teacher said this does not work as
    1. The antiparticle of photon is itself
    2. It violates the conservation of energy

    Instead he modified my idea a bit and propose a new proposal
    New idea: Instead of acting like EM waves, why not have a stream of particles (or even quasiparticles) that radiated from a source in all directions which converts all visible photons that collided with them into IR (simply like a frequency modifier), as IR is invisible to humans, it can produce the same dimming effect. He also think the dark emitters, if possible can have a wide variety of applications

    At that moment i thought it'll be a good idea, but after some careful thoughts, i think it (the new idea) 'll pose radiation hazard to organisms (e.g. overheating, Sunburns etc.) (including humans)

    Guys what do you think of it and is it possible to produce a dark emitter that is safe, using known laws of physics?
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    Actually, photon nullifiers have been around for a while. I have a couple in my back yard with a hammock strung up between them.
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    Yes turn off the lights.
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    build a small version of the LHC and put it on a lamp post. when you flick the switch all the mini black holes it creates will suck in nearby light (just don't walk too close)
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    Well, what would happen if you used noise canceling principles and superposition on electromagnetic waves in the frequency of visible light?
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    I think noise canceling only works because electrical signals can propagate much faster than sound waves. You couldn't cancel light, because you couldn't anticipate it in time to do anything about it.
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    Are there any "dark spots" in the double slit interference pattern?
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    Photon can be converted to axion, according to some theories.
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    We don't discuss scifi as a possibility.

    Secret, you are aware of this from your feedback thread.
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