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Weird JPEG display artifacts

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    I'm running Windows 2000 on an older computer. I'm getting these artifacts on images (see attached). It only occurs on JPEGs, nowhere else. It does *not* occur on screen, or even in GIFs.

    They are randomly appearing - simply refreshing my browser is enough to get a different arrangement. But scrolling the screen does not alter them (eg. if I scroll a JPEG off-screen and back on, the artifacts act as if they are part of the image, remaining in-place.)

    This is not a video card problem, as I have just replaced that.

    Ever seen such a thing? Some sort of JPEG display malfunction?
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    Well, the program I'm viewing the JPG with is Internet Explorer. I just realized, it is IE-specific - it is NOT occurring in Firefox!

    I meant, it does not occur randomly all across my screen, as I would expect it would if it were a video card artifact. It occurs only in JPEG images on screen.
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    See how evil the Microsoft empire is? ;)
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    DaveC426913, I think you solved your own problem.
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