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Schools Weird marking scheme for university course - need help

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    Hi, im doing this really crazy course at university, i need some help in understanding the final course mark calculation which is:

    Course mark = 0.6max{ T, F} + 0.4min{T, F}

    T = term mark = 0.3( average percentage on assignments) + 0.7( average percentage on term tests)

    F = final exam percentage

    what does 0.6max{ T, F} supposed to mean! the part where max{ T, F} is what i dont understand, max is maximum but what does {T, F} means??

    any help would be really appreciated.
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    Term Mark and Final.
    Sorry, I only read the last sentence, now I realize my answer wasn't useful.
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    My guess is that 0.6max{T,F} means "0.6 times the larger one of T and F", and similarly for min{T,F} so if T = 95 and F = 85, then the course mark would be

    0.6 * 95 + 0.4 * 85 = 91

    The result would be the same if the grades were swapped so T = 85 and F = 95.

    However, you really should ask the course instructor / professor about this.
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    Basically it is a nice system, since it emphasize the part of the course you did best on. So if you ace the exam you aced 60% of the course with assignments worth 40% or if you bombed the exam you just bombed 40% of the course and got the assignments and such weighing 60%.

    Isn't that obvious from what you wrote?
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