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Weird observation

  1. Nov 12, 2011 #1
    i'm using an android smartphone it takes really clear pictures and when u zoom in it shows the picture in great detail and clarity and i'm very pleased with this feature. however, recently i took two pictures and when i tried to zoom in while viewing them they suddenly turned into another picture. it's kind of scary actually, and it happened twice.can someone explain what is happening?
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    Some circuit problem that confused the zooming program with the recalling and displaying another picture. Maybe a virus?
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    i know i sound stupid here but u mean phones can actually have virus?
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    It is most likely a software bug. All complicated softwares have software bugs. You could try to update your software to the newest version, and check for other reports of the same problem.

    Yes, at least advanced phones like that can get infected by software viruses.
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