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Weird people in faculty

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    Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum and I'm an Italian engineering student. By navigating in other forums, I've often heard of people that one can happen to find in scientific faculties, and that one can find "weird" (Of course not all people studying in scientifc faculties are weird, only just a few): for example one was reported of eating raw chicken, another one in my faculty spends his time talking to himself and walking on the tip of his feet, and so on....the same for the professors...So my question is...have you ever found people like that in your faculty? What do they do usually? :)
    It's just an hironic thread, no meaning to be offensive with anyone :b
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    Well, that person won't be bothering anyone much longer... ?:)
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    They are no longer "weird" but somewhat schizophrenic.
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    I know :) their behaviour is much more different than the "normal" one....anotheer one, always as said in another forum, used repeating alone, during a math lecture (it's the conjugate of alpha! it's the conjugate of alpha! ) :D The sense of my post was whether you met any of those people in your studies...
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    Eccentric professors are not found in scientific fields alone. I went to a college that was heavily weighted toward humanities and I'd say a fourth of the faculty members were famous for strange habits and speech mannerisms. It was common for students to do comic impressions of them. STEM teachers have no monopoly on weirdness.
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    I saw a professor's office covered in beer cans and dirty laundry and with a hammock strung across the room above his desk.
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    It's probably best not to worry about what people "reportedly" have done.

    Universities in general seem to have a higher tolerance for eccentricities in people. I think this is because these are places where people go to expand their minds rather than restrict them.
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    Well, I haven't personally noticed, but I once heard this girl from the Sociology faculty describing behaviors of people from each faculty and for the faculties of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering she said:

    Description which made me think of a clever title for a movie: March of The Engineers. :DD
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    But there's a strong association in popular culture that very smart people are eccentric. I think some people behave in odd ways in order to appear smart. It doesn't work, IMO, and often seems like an affectation.
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    I have a computer engineering professor who's a huge EVE Online fan, that's usually a sign of something wrong in the head from my own experiences with EVE Online. He's actually referenced it in word problems on a few of his exams, and I find it kind of delightful.

    Another EE professor I had would declare pieces of chalk with which he had made errors while writing on the board "feral" and throw them out the open window. He hit someone on the sidewalk once.
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    True, but there is the caveat that once someone espouses theory X in any area, they are expected to develop it and basically die with it, instead of being constantly improving on it.
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    Does knowing an engineer who could convert base ten to hexadecimal on the fly count?
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    We got a guy who doesn't know how to properly button his shirt( and sometimes his pants :/) and always running around :D. It's hillarious!
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    Just a few months ago, I was studying with a girl at university, and a math teacher (not mine) just got out of the elevator... We, of course, saluted her, by saying "hi teacher"..she just saw us, and after about 10 meters walking , she finally replied : "good morning!" :D :D
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    We could all do that by the end of our first semester. We were required to know how to convert base ten to hex, it came up in our intro digital systems course constantly and by the end we could all do it in our heads. It was kind of wonderful.
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