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Weird phenomenas on the Moon !

  1. Aug 8, 2010 #1


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    By watching a few moon landing videos on YouTube, i realized that the gravity on the Moon is not just weaker but act in totally different manner than gravity on Earth. This is one of many videos that shows the anomaly....What is wrong with this picture? link:

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    How exactly is it totally different? I don't see anything weird there.
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    My God! The film keeps repeating itself! They must have pre-recorded it and then failed to notice the glitch when it was aired!
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    That video is trying to say it was a hoax.... I don't think that has anything to do with the actual gravity on the moon. The last part of the video just looks like normal gravity, meaning not on the moon.

    I also do see the cable at the top of the backpack, but it could have easily been edited in.

    Maybe it's true, maybe it's not, who knows other than the astronauts who were there.
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    crx, given that the moon landing hoax hoax is a banned topic and the youtube is about it, you'll need to get to your point rapidly and it will need to not be crackpot nonsense in order to avoid this thread being deleted.
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    What i mean is that at 0:11 it seems that an "invisible force" is pulling up the astronaut, i believe that is impossible to do that...but its just in my imagination...Nobody was talking about "moon landing hoax" (ignore the title). Of course was real! There is the proof in the video, astronauts on the Moon :)
    Really you should consider to ban Wikipedia too, and only accept reference from original publications and other sources with more credibility....You can delete this thread if you feel so , i don't mind, i just wanted to make people aware that there are "anomalies" in this world that need an explanation. Thanks !
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    No invisible force unless you count the fact that the other astronauts right hand is "invisible" because its hidden by his body.
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    Uh, one mistake. There were/are numerous earth-based training for astronauts.
    Many are water-based(in a pool), but some are on dry land, which will include cabling.
  10. Aug 9, 2010 #9
    The guy on the ground pulls himself up with his right arm on the left arm of the standing guy.
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