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Weird Question

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    So, I am thinking about transferring from Georgetown College (KY), where I currently attend, to Washington University in St. Louis. I am actually a junior, but because of my triple major I will have to stay longer than four years wherever I attend. What I am wondering is if there is anyway I could finish my degree at Georgetown for only Philosophy and Math (two of my current majors, those of which I have taken the most classes), and then transfer to WashU, or wherever, and do a physics major (like a year and a half kind of thing or something). Is this something that can be done? Would it be easier to get into somewhere good this way? I know that at WashU you get whatever scholarship that you receive for four years no matter when you get in...this just seems like an interesting to me because I could finish my two foundational majors first, then hit into physics hard, which is kind of what I am doing now since I only have about 12 hours of physics. Any answers would be much appreciated!
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    I'd stick with the school you are in and finish everything there. Being from a small school will not make any difference on getting into grad school.
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    Check to see if your WashU scholarship and/or financial aid is still valid once you have your first bachelor's degree.
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