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Weird rain

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    Driving home this morning the rain was teeming down, we often get teeming rain in periods of drought, but just at the edge of my property it stopped, i could literally take one step from rain to dry, i know a storm has to have boundaries but to be so abrupt was strange.
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    I experienced that before. I was in town and stepped from summer shower into summer sunshine. It was bizarre.
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    I saw it as a child. Rain on one side of the property and dry on the other.
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    Everytime it rains here it seems like it will be pouring on my head, but I take one step and it stops completely. Of course I am stepping into my house.
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    Once when I lived in Denver, I was standing in a pouring rain shower, with out a cloud in the sky. Seems the rain was on the other side of the mountains, and was up drafted over the mountain range.
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    That is a cool effect.
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    Once I was staying in a hotel and it actually rained INSIDE. Turned out though it was just my first experience with a bidet.
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