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Weird router problems

  1. Feb 21, 2006 #1
    Hey guys;

    I'm experiencing a really weird problem with my router..

    First, my setup: I'm living in the Caribbean so I have to use a goofy ISP. We have a PPPoE DSL connection to them. I then have a Linksys Broadband Firewall Router hooked up to the DSL box, then I have a Linksys Wireless Vonage Router hooked up to the Linksys Broadband Firewall Router.

    I have to run this double router setup because there is something screwy with the ISP here when you use the Vonage router to connect to them. They told me the only workaround is this double router setup.

    Ok, that's fine. I have the First router (the one which is inbetween the Vonage router and the DSL box) set to, and the 2nd router (Vonage) is set to ..

    My computer uses wireless, so it access the internet via the 2nd (Vonage Wireless) router.

    When I have this setup, the internet "kind" of works. The Vonage works fine, it connects to the Vonage server and I have phone service. However, about half of the webpages I try to visit refuse to load. This includes my own page (www.aychamo.com)[/URL], and tuaw.com, and I was unable to connect to iTunes music store. However other pages loaded perfectly fine (ie, Google, Gmail, these forums, etc)

    I hooked my computer (Mac Powerbook OS X 10.4.5) directly to the DSL box and I can access every webpage perfectly fine. So it has to be some configuration in the Router.. But I can't for my life think of what setting would prevent certain webpages from being loaded, while others load fine.

    Does anyone have an idea? (I attached a diagram of my routers)

    Thank you so kindly

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    This is not my area of expertise, but what do you mean exactly by refusing to load? If you mean that the page IP is not found then you would look at DNS settings along the way. I don't quite know how your current setup resolves domain names compared to the Mac you tried, but this is where I would start looking. Take this with a grain of salt because networking is not my field...
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    It could be:

    Routing problem
    Wireless problem

    what happens if you do a tracert (dunno what it is in Mac) to www.aychamo.com where does it fail
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